so since i follow a bunch of video game blogs, i see metal gear on my dash. i know nothing about metal gear. and i see “big boss” mentioned and like, its a guy. but then other ppl talk about a boss, and im like, oh yeah, that guy:


but apparently that boss is a girl. ? but isnt big boss a guy. who is this other woman.

and also why are there so many snakes in this game. like, theres a liquid snake, a solid snake, probably a gas snake, a plasma snake?

wait okay so i googled “snake metal gear” and pictures of that boss guy are showing up. he is the boss man and also a snake?

okay wait so i googled “metal gear boss girl” and there is a picture of the boss in feminine attire and theres a lady..is she also a boss? are these two bosses married?


this looks like an older ellen page. is the played by ellen page? i dont know who this lady is. she looks different from all of the other women.

wait, are the two bosses like….the boss battles at the end of the game? are they trying to take over the world? what a great relationship. 

woah wait, so i googled “metal gear final boss battle” and this huge muscular man is here. that looks completely different from the boss guy and the boss lady. is he still the boss?

yknow, i wonder why they call them the boss. i mean, obviously they are the boss battle at the end of the game, but like, i wonder if they own any kind of cooperation. do they run a business? what kind of business do they run?

and what exactly is a ‘metal gear’? i googled metal gear and i see a robot, a bunch of men….screenshots of the game………..

i don’t know anything about metal gear.